We Think We’re The Greatest!

In the begining, Goode Plumbing started out using a Volkswagen Microbus and a handful of tools. Since that time, we have grown the business while still maintaining our original philosophy of providing the ultimate in customer satisfaction. We truly want you to be thrilled (well, as thrilled as one can be with a plumber in their home) with our service. We care about your home, we care that you feel you received good value. We want you to wave to us when you see one of our plumbing technicians in public.
We back up our claim of being great by sending professional plumbing technicians to your house, who will put on shoe covers before entering and give you an honest solution to your plumbing problems and a price up front whenever possible. And we will sell and install only excellent quality parts, products and materials. We don’t give you the legally required one year warranty-we give you a MINIMUM two year warranty that covers parts AND labor. Our water heaters come with a LABOR as well as parts warranty from 6 to 20 years depending on model and use in residential applications. And something should not fall apart because we put it together poorly. So we back our workmanship up for life against defects. I don’t know of any other plumbing service companies doing that!

We Care About The Environment

At Goode Plumbing, LLC, we are continuously working to make our company more ecologically friendly. Goode Plumbing has available, and encourages clients to ask about our high efficiency water heaters, on-demand water heaters, on-demand water faucets and dual flush toilets. We use low vox chemicals, including pvc cement and primer. We recycle all cardboard and plastic packaging and all metals. And, our sprinter diesel vans and restored volkswagen vans (modified with emissions controls!) average 20-25 mpg vs. The typical plumbing truck which averages 8-12 mpg. We will continue to make changes to our company that aid in the protection and preservation of the environment. We recycle our waste metals, cardboard and plastic packaging.

Our company licensing information is as follows:

  • Chicago Plumbing Contractor pl194994/bc194994

  • Chicago Drainlayer 1449

  • Illinois Plumbing Contractor 055-042574


Michael J. Goode, Owner
  • He is a licensed plumber with 22 years of experience

  • He completed his apprenticeship under a service plumber who owned a plumbing company and had 30 years of experience. He took his apprenticeship from a plumber who had 40 years of experience. To say that we know your old home is an understatement! Mike wishes to extend many thanks to Tom Garrity who gave him so much of his vast knowledge of vintage and unusual plumbing sytems and components!

  • Along with his apprenticeship, he also completed three years of classroom education and passed the Chicago and Arizona plumbing licensure examinations. And of course there are the continuing education classes every year.

  • He had the opportunity to work for George Brazil, a true innovator in the plumbing service industry, in Phoenix, AZ. While at George Brazil, he worked alongside some of the very best plumbing service technicians from across the country, learning new techniques and ways to further improve customer service.

  • He specializes in restoring vintage fixtures, servicing and installing unusual and high end faucets and fixtures. We are also certified to install and service tankless and hybrid water heaters.

Our Technicians

  • All our technicians are experienced professionals who truly care about your home.

  • They go through pre-screenings, take a formal knowledge exam and complete drug tests and background checks upon hire.

  • They are encouraged and required to seek continuing education, attend seminars and be up-to-date with product technology and current plumbing practice and codes.

  • We put all potential employess through weeks of training and ride alongs with our seasoned plumbing technicians before we put them into a truck and send them to your home or business.

  • We do our best to screen and train employees to meet our high standards - we pluck the lemons so you get the plums!

  • Currently, Goode Plumbing technicians have a combined 150 years of experience.